Trina at age 3

Trina began riding horses before she could walk. Her first claim to fame is being on the front page of the Ottawa Citizen at the age of 18-months-old riding her pony, Pansy.

Growing up on a farm, Trina had the opportunity to ride many horses. In 1991 she won the PPG Canadian Championships. Moving up the ranks from pony to jumpers, Trina racked up an Eastern Canadian title, three Ontario Championships and countless regional titles.

She has had the pleasure of learning from some of Canada’s top equestrians, including Olympians Ian Millar, Jill Henselwood and Hugh Graham.

In 1999, Trina took some time off from horse showing to focus on her television career. Missing the competition, in late 2009, Trina bought a young thoroughbred off the race track, Lasting Freedom (Lou). Thoughts of slowly getting back into the ring went out the window when the pair was champion at their first show. In fact, they were champion or reserve every show out.

However in 2011 her world came to a crashing halt, literally.  A young horse tripped and flipped on top of Trina causing extensive injuries.  She was told she would lose her left leg and may never be able to ride again.  Defying the odds, doctors were able to re-build her leg and she used horses as a form of physiotherapy. While her journey wasn’t without complications, Trina is not only walking again, she is back in the show ring. Trina is using her experience to motivate people to never give up and to live their dreams.  She has an inspirational and emotional speech about her accident and the how her partnership with her horse Lou is the only reason she is walking again.

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